Filippo Berio - His signature. Our promise.

Filippo Berio - His signature. Our promise.

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153 Years ago our story started in the Italian town of Lucca, Tuscany, where a young man called Filippo Berio was driven by his passion to make the finest and tastiest olive oil. Filippo Berio poured his heart into every bottle and year after year his signature became a seal of the highest quality. To this day, we follow the finest standards set by Filippo Berio.

His signature. Our promise.


Filippo Berio, a promise of Quality  

Filippo Berio’s dream was to craft the finest olive oil. Through his passion, dedication, and rigor, he created one of the most exquisite olive oils in the world. His standards were so high that only 6% of the olive oil made it into Filippo Berio’s bottles. To this day, only when each oil bottle is perfect can it bear Filippo Berio’s signature.


Every step, from the selection of the ingredients to the pressing of fruits and the bottling is carefully and rigorously overseen by experienced olive oil specialists, blenders and experts. If Filippo Berio is one of the leading olive oil brands today, it is thanks to its exceptional flavour, versatility and recognized health benefits.

It is with eyes closed that you could choose and savor Filippo Berio in your food, whether dressing, drizzling, baking or frying.


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BAVASAIB NOWSHAD on August 25, 2020

im afan of fillipo berio as a therapist i used salade cooking n baking n have the habits of used olive oil in suadi arabia original one very high of viscosity

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