Passionate, Approachable, Dynamic, Trustworthy and Responsible: These values cement our culture, they guide us in our decisions and relationships with customers, business partners and the community. 

As an active economic player, Scott recognizes that it has an important role to play in sustainability initiatives and in upholding one of its core values – that of being RESPONSIBLE.

In this respect, Scott is actively engaging with all stakeholders to develop a sustainable environment which inspires and strengthens best practices in all its activities and businesses. 

We care for our planet and we endeavor to:

  • Empower our people to build together a responsible, ethical, and socially responsible business.
  • Include sustainability practices throughout all our core strategies and business models
  • Measure our environmental impacts, take accountability for them, and more importantly implement concrete actions to safeguard our environment. 

This year we have been focusing on recycling projects and local circular economy supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs. 

For the next years we aim to be certified ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and to move toward renewable energy for our head office.