Nespresso After Sales Service Terms & Conditions

1. Being the distributor of Nespresso in Mauritius, Scott & Co Ltd collects the customer’s personal data/information (name, telephone number and address) for the purpose of the repair of the Nespresso Coffee machine and Aeroccino purchased at Scott & Co Ltd.

The data/information is used for:
  • Identification of the machine and warranty status
  • Notification about the repair status
  • Delivery purposes
The customer may access our privacy policy at:

2. Unless expressly stated, the warranty period of any Nespresso Coffee machine and Aeroccino is of 2 years as from the date of purchase as stated on the invoice.

3. The customer must provide the invoice as a proof of purchase along with the machine under warranty for repairs/servicing. Without the proof of purchase, the machine will not be considered as being under warranty.

4. The warranty is subject to the terms and conditions as stated in the machine manual (My Machine). This limited warranty does not apply to any defect resulting from negligence, accident, misuse, or any other reason beyond Nespresso's reasonable control, including but not limited to: normal wear and tear, negligence or failure to follow the product instructions, improper or inadequate maintenance, calcium deposits or descaling, connection to improper power supply, unauthorised product modification or repair, use for commercial purposes, fire, lightning, flood, infestation or other external causes.

5. For all out-of-warranty machine, at the time the machine or Aeroccinois brought to the service centre, a non-refundable diagnosis fee is payable by the customer.

6. Should the machine/equipment require repairs, a quote for the repairs will be issued and same will need to be settled in full prior to the repairs being made.

7. For all machine repairs, there is a 6-months warranty period covering the spare parts changed during the repairs, subject to the terms and conditions of the said warranty.

8. Should the customer fail to collect the machine within90daysafter written notification of repair completion, the customer hereby irrevocably instructs Scott & Co Ltd to dispose and/or destroy the machine in such manner as it considers appropriate, and the customer shall have no claim of whatsoever nature against Scott & Co Ltd for acting upon those instructions.

9. If available at the time, a replacement machine may begiven to the customer during the period of repair. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the loan machine is kept in good working condition. If the replacement machine suffers damage for any reason whatsoever fair wear and tear excluded, Scott & Co Ltd reserves the right to charge the cost of repairs to the customer.