Recycle With Us

Every small steps count… YOU can recycle with us 

Did you know that you can recycle your Nepresso Podsyour Wine Corks and your plastic bottle caps with Scott Home Delivery? 

We need you to make a difference!

Nespresso Recycling Program 

This recycling program was launched a year ago and since then we collected nearly 1,5 million pods. 

The coffee grounds are turned into natural fertilizer with the NGO Imove benefiting to a community project and the aluminum pods go through a recycling process with Mtrek 

On purchase of 5 sleeves and more, get your Nespresso pods recycling bag directly in your order! 


Cork Recycling Program 

The Cork Recycling Program was launched on the World Environment Day in partnership with the Association Beautiful LocalHands. All corks are recycled into amazing decorative items made by local artisans to help generate income for vulnerable communities.

The project aims to empower women and increase their quality of lifeStay tuned, products will soon be available on Scott Home Delivery! 


 Plastic Bottle Caps Recycling Program 

Since June this year we have been working with the start-up Enplas to recycle plastic bottle caps. Caps are recycled locally into great items like coasters, rulers, pens, bracelets and so on... 

Try the new Clothespins made from 100% recycled plastic bottle caps now available on Scott Home Delivery! 

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How can you help us recycle?

Simple, you just have to hand over your corks, bottle caps and / or Nespresso pods to our Scott Home Delivery team on your next delivery. Oyou can bring them to your nearest The Winestore outlet (for the Wine Cork) or Nespresso outlet (for the Nespresso Pods). 


Discover our Eco-Products 

Clothespins made from 100% recycled plastic bottle caps by Enplas. 

30 clothespins per bag. Color depends on availability. 

Price: Rs 125

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