Varta Button Cells - CR2032 X1

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VARTA offers the widest button cell range fulfilling a multitude of consumer
needs - with the best quality and duration guaranteed. Focused on the
requirements of modern electronic devices. Our wide range of products
consists of lithium, silver and alkaline button cells to give consumers
optimal battery selection. High-Tech Primary Button Batteries offer
reliable, long-lasting energy to power a broad scope of small electronic
• Security devices
• Timers
• Electronic calculators
• Electronic games
• EBook readers
• Watches (digital & analog)
• Alarm systems
• Car keys
• Electronic databases
• Remote controls
• Computers
• Car stereos
• Garage openers
• Fitness devices
• Personal organizers
• Toys
• Medical applications (blood sugar
indicator, digital thermometer,
insulin pump, glucometer…)