Thank you FoodWise !

During the sanitary crisis, we all have been confronted to the distress of many families all around the island. A distress because some of them couldn’t feed their children anymore and this is something we couldn’t imagine. Unfortunately, this is the everyday of many people in Mauritius and not only during the crisis.

Mauritian people are always an example when it comes to solidarity. A huge surge of solidarity has merged across the island to help vulnerable families through NGO’s and individuals.

This is where Scott & Co Ltd has decided to act through our E-commerce platform, Scott Home Delivery by giving Rs 50 for every paid orders to the NGO FoodWise for a period of 3-months.

FoodWise was created in November 2018. The NGO is working towards food security in Mauritius and is fighting to reduce food waste at all levelsFoodWise is doing an amazing job out there and the benefits are really tangible. Seeing the smiles and face expressions of the people in need while doing food pack distribution is overwhelming. 

Through this partnership we have raised a total of Rs 195,164 including Rs 46,614 given by individuals via the e-platform. A huge thanks to all the generous donators.

However, the fight against food insecurity and food waste continues, a partnership was signed between Scott and Foodwise to reduce food waste at Scott since March. To achieve our target, we have reviewed all our processes and implemented new strategies. We are very proud today to say that we have reduced by more than 80% our food waste.

Working for a better tomorrow and being a responsible business is our everyday commitment.

Learn more about FoodWise:

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