Fever Tree Mixers: Decoding the Ingredients Behind the Bubbles

We invite you into the world of Fever Tree mixers, have you ever wondered why Fever-Tree was the most premium mixer on the market? Well, discover the 'behind the scenes' of your favorite mixer. 

Quinine also know as Cinchona ledgeriana are sourced from Democratic Republic of Congo.

The brand name, Fever-Tree, draws its inspiration directly from the cinchona trees, often referred to as 'Fever Trees,' due to their historical association with quinine production—a key ingredient in their tonic water. It's fascinating how the natural source of quinine became not just the foundation of their product but also the namesake of the brand itself.Quinine is the key ingredient responsible for the gentle bitterness found in Tonic Water.

Elderflower also known as Sambucus nigra from England

To capture the essence of elderflower's fragrance, Elderflowers are sourced from the English countryside. The elderflowers are handpicked from the highest-quality elderberry bushes in the United Kingdom, typically at the end of spring when the elderflowers are in full bloom. Harvested at the optimal moment to preserve their freshness, these flowers undergo a distillation process to extract their essential oils.

Recommended pairingMonkey 47 Gin

Lemon Thyme also known as Thymus citriodorus from Provence, France.

The Mediterranean Tonic is crafted using essential oils derived from herbs gathered along the Mediterranean shores. Lemon thyme from Provence is one of the ingredients that imparts the tonic with its unique floral aroma, enhancing the subtle flavors of premium vodkas and gins infused with citrus and herbal notes.
Fresh Green Ginger also known as Zingiber officinale from Ivory Coast.
The discovery of this ginger from Ivory Coast was a true revelation. Unlike any other ginger, its aroma carries an incredible lemongrass-like freshness, achieved by extracting its oils right after harvesting. Charles personally visited the farmers in Ivory Coast who cultivate this unique ginger and distill its oils exclusively for Fever-Tree.

Recommended pairing: Beefeater 24 Gin

Nigerian Ginger  also known Zingiber officinale from Nigeria

The ginger sourced from Nigeria carries an aromatic intensity that adds depth to the ginger's flavor profile. It perfectly complements the fresh, zesty notes of the green ginger as well as the warm, spicy undertones of the ginger we procure from Cochin in southwest India.

Recommended pairing: Jameson

Ginger also know Cochin Zingiber officinale from Cochin, India.

Incredibly fiery and spicy, this ginger perfectly complements the fragrant notes of Nigerian ginger and fresh green ginger. It's cultivated by a small, specialized producer in the beautiful region of Cochin, India.

Recommended pairing: Absolut Vodka

Rhubarb also known as Rheum Hybridum 'Timperley Early' from Norfolk, England.

Renowned for its deliciously sweet yet mature taste, Timperley Early rhubarb variety sourced from a family-owned farm in Norfolk, England. The strong North Sea breeze and abundant rainfall provide perfect growing conditions. Rhubarb is hand-harvested between April and May, processed within hours to ensure the maximum freshness of its natural rhubarb aromas infused into our Tonic Water.

Recommended pairing: Lillet Blanc

Red and pink grapefruit from the Quirante family-owned fields, in the province of Alicante, Spain

This recipe features authentic juice, sourced specifically from hand-picked Spanish grapefruits. These grapefruits are renowned globally for embodying the essence of the perfect pink grapefruit. Abundant year-round sunshine, balanced with optimal precipitation and fertile soil, creates an ideal environment in this region. It allows these grapefruits to strike the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness, resulting in their exceptional taste profile.

Recommended pairing: Olmeca Tequila Silver

Hopefully this journey was a amusing one. Now, armed with this knowledge, you can savor each sip knowing the magic behind the bubbles! Cheers to the delightful discoveries in every Fever Tree mixers. 

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    I love the Fever Tree Tonic. I buy the little bottles in Ruisseau Creole.

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