Nespresso Recycling Program: We take care of your used Nespresso Capsules

Our Nespresso Recycling Program is one of our most popular initiatives. The Nespresso capsules that we collect are sent to Scott Recycling Unit where they are separated into their individual components.

The coffee grounds are extracted and used as a natural fertilizer, while the aluminum is melted and recycled locally, and used to create new products. By participating in this program, our partners can help reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Did you know that Nespresso capsules are made with 80% recycled aluminium?

Key Stats:
> more than 5 Millions capsules collected
> over 24 tons of coffee ground turned into compost

In 2023, we hosted the first-ever Nespresso Recycling Award ceremony on February 16th at the Hennessy Park Hotel. This award was a recognition of the amazing efforts and achievements in 2022 from our B2B and B2C customers for the Nespresso Recycling Program.

More information here or watch our video here

How to recycle?

When you buy 5 sleeves or more, you'll receive a complimentary Nespresso pod recycling bag included with your order.

Once your recycling bag is filled with used capsules, you can give the bag either to the Scott Home Delivery team or drop them at any Nespresso outlets located in: Grand Bay La Croisette, Tribeca Mall, Bagatelle, Ruisseau Creole or Flacq Coeur de ville.