RHUM CHAMAREL XO - SAUTERNES FINISH 70CL (to redeem this product via Scott Smile Rewards you need 45,000 points)

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After 6 years of maturation in our Cellar, the Chamarel  XO was double matured in ex Sauternes Cask for another  12 months.

The Sauternes is one of the most famous French sweet  Wine from the Sauternais region in Bordeaux. It brings  aromas of apricots, honey, peaches with a nutty note,  which is a typical characteristic of noble Semillon.

The combination guarantees a delicious taste and delivers  an extraordinary smooth and long finish.

TASTING PROFILE: Extremely complex, warm spices with notes of vanilla,  dried   fruits,   dates,   honey  and hints  of lemon and  orange peel.