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Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur blends together the fresh flavour of rhubarb with the warming spice of ginger.
Tangy rhubarb is the perfect ingredient for a fruity gin liqueur, spiked with ginger for a lingering warmth to balance its sharpness. Rhubarb and ginger are infused into Edinburgh Gin, then left to macerate for a month, allowing for the complex flavours to marry together.

TASTING NOTES: With a bright, rhubarb-forward aroma and a delicately spiced finish, Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur is an intensely flavourful drink. The sharp tang of the rhubarb is perfectly balanced by the fiery notes in the ginger, with a touch of citrus that lingers on the palate.