How to complete your transaction

  • This home delivery service is brought to you by Scott & Co Ltd (
  • Due to the lock down situation impacting on our logistics capabilities, we have no other alternative than to  simplify the process. 
  • You will receive your order confirmation by email with a unique order no (eg: 1001SHD)
  • Pay the exact amount appearing on your order by choosing between two payment methods: By Credit Card or By Juice by MCB
  • If you are paying by Juice by MCB: (1) Search for Scott Home Delivery under merchants ( mobile no 58595088). (2) Write your unique order number in the payment reference field (3) validate your transaction
  • You will receive automatic notifications at each step of your order - from ordering to delivery
  • If payment is not received, your order will not be processed
  • Because of the current lock-down situation, we rely on your understanding if there are delays in the delivery. We try our best to deliver within 24 hours of receiving your payment. ( No deliveries on Sundays)
  • If we are unable to fulfill your delivery, you will be refunded within a maximum of 15 days