Tescoma Removeable Base Baking Pan 28cm

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DELÍCIA pans are excellent for baking sweet and savoury meals alike. They have a highly resistant non-stick coating that prevents overcooking and a removable bottom for easily turning out baked meals.
Instructions for use: Thoroughly wash and dry the new pan; grease the inside with a thin layer of cooking oil or butter and, if needed, dust with flour before every use. Avoid using utensils with metal ends; never cut or slice food directly in the pan! Do not overheat empty pans! Leave to cool entirely before washing and use normal detergents; avoid scourers and sand-based agents; leave to soak if excessively dirty. Suitable for electric, gas and hot-air ovens. Dishwasher safe, although you should reduce or eliminate dishwashing in order to preserve perfect performance and appearance.