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Its origins with the French Foreign Legion to the legions of modern mixologists still using it today Dubonnet Rouge Aperitif Wine has been a staple on the cocktail landscape. Created by Parisian chemist wine merchant Joseph Dubonnet as a means to make quinine more palatable for the soldiers battling malaria in North Africa Dubonnets mix of fortified wine a proprietary blend of herbs spices and peels and the medicinal quinine is a recipe that has earned it legendary status in the world of sophisticated drinks. It is naturally flavoured by plants and spices. This elegant aperitif from France is patiently aged in oak barrels in cool, dark cellars.

TASTING NOTE: Cherry, mint and walnut aromas, with notes of lemon zest, cardamom and toffee with flavors of orange, nuts, chocolate and coffee; finishes fairly sweet, with lemon and herb notes.