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The Whiskey Makers Series is a celebration of craft and crafters, made by our Head Distiller, our Head Cooper and our Head Blender, collectively known as the Makers.

The Distiller’s Safe reveals notes of floral perfume, fresh herbs, green pepper, grapefruit and sweet spices with hints of liquorice and a vibrant note of mandarin alongside the nuttiness of ground almond. This special selection shows how the subtle delicate sweet notes of Irish grain whiskey can complement the more robust character if the Irish pot still whiskey.

The Cooper’s Croze opens to a subtle petal-perfume that develops into rich ripe fruits, while some charred oak and cedar character bring balance, complexity and add depth to the rich fruits typical of the ex-oloroso sherry butts. Pleasantly long, a touch of hazelnut and toasted wood accompany the pot still's sweet spices notes.

The Blender’s Dog exposes light citrus, pineapple, mango and kiwi notes with the addition of figs and dates. A touch of walnut, vanilla and toasted oak from the barrels lead to the creamy mouthfeel of the butterscotch. Succulent fruit brings the perfect balance as charred oak adds to the complexity.